"Who told her to love my cooking?" The sky laughed.

"The sky teacher please sit in the room and I’ll make tea for you." Aunt Luo greeted warmly.
"No, I’ll talk to Sandy." The sky says.
Aunt Luo is well-advised to go into the house, leaving the sky and Luo Sandy in the courtyard.
"The shadows came back a few days ago. They attacked Zhudao, but there was no sign of Molin." The sky was faint.
Sandy’s body trembled slightly. "Then where will he go?"
The sky shook his head. "He has disappeared since the beach in the East China Sea wounded the Legalist."
"I hope he will be all right" Luo Sandy Judo.
"Yang Li made a great contribution this time and asked him what reward he wanted. He said that he hoped to enter the seventh floor of Mohist Tower to practice. I think Mohlin stimulated him a lot." The sky fell again.
Sandy’s face showed a hint of disdain. "I don’t want to hear from him. This man is dead in my heart."
The sky sighed and shook her head secretly. She was no longer young and didn’t have so much impulse and personality, but she knew that Luo Sandy’s soft personality would not forgive Yang for leaving the cliff.
I still have the heart to let Luo Sandy find a dull but warm life again, and let her forget Mo Lin as soon as possible. She is afraid that she will always miss Mo Lin unless one day he dies or … or he comes back to Mo Zhe Village.
It’s hard for the sky to think of the news that the dark ones brought back. It’s hard to imagine that Qiang Yang Li was probably stimulated by this news before he asked to go to the seventh floor of the tower where all the ink smells and turns pale.
"Although he is a genius, I’m afraid he can’t bear it?" The sky is cluttered with thoughts in my heart.
Molinyuan Black Soil Magic State can’t feel Luo Sandy’s yearning. When Luo Sandy and the Blue Sky Courtyard chatted faintly, when Yang was about to step on the seventh floor of the Ink Tower, he was amazed at the prosperity of York City on the other side of the planet.
York City deserves to be the largest city in the black soil magic state mainland. The prosperity in the city is the first time Molin has seen it in his life. Even when Linghu Zi grew up in a hundred soldiers city, he could not help but admire that the black soil magic state is more prosperous than Chixian Shenzhou.
Arthur would probably be in a better mood if there wasn’t a nagging fox purple ear.
"That street is all my property, and my ancestors won rewards for helping the emperor win the country, which can bring me 150,000 gold coins every year …" From the moment Arthur entered the city, he stuck to Hu Zi and forgot his fiancee Princess Rowling.
Molin finally understood why Rowling would cuckold this guy, because Arthur is really annoying.
Rowling was relaxed a lot. Although she was almost strangled by Arthur, now this plague god has gone to pester Linghu Zi and forgotten her betrayal. But for the rest of her life, she seems to be afraid of violent men and dare not show up in Drenthe kurama’s car.
Linghu Zi thought that Doby Arthur finally found out that this man was too chatty at the moment, and there was nothing new except showing off that he had a lot of money. It seems that this is a loser with money and power and charm.
"Rowling is going back to the palace. I think Miss Ling will stay in my mansion tonight. My room is very large and can accommodate hundreds of people. I will definitely arrange the most comfortable room for you. There is a huge bed in the room and you can do whatever you want …" Arthur kept nagging Linghu Zi’s ear and finally made Linghu Zi have the impulse to beat him.
"I said, will you shut up?" When Molin saw Linghu Zichong, she winked at him and knew that she was tired of playing, so she appeared as an escort.
"Who are you?" As soon as Arthur frowned, there was a fox in his eyes, and he had long regarded others as angry. Seeing Mo Lin suddenly appeared, he still didn’t know what happened.
"This is my man." Linghu Zi smiled and took Molin’s arm.
"You man!" Arthur makes a sharp scream when he is strangled, and then exaggerates and covers his mouth. It’s unbelievable.
"Is there a problem?" Molin’s understanding of these nobles seems that they eat too much every day.
"You look like a clown. How can you be a beautiful young lady? I will never agree with you." Arthur roared with indignation.
"Roll" Molin really didn’t care to wave at him and gently pull Arthur out like a ball.
"Don’t you dare hit me!" Arthur fell to the ground and was covered with dust. He got up and roared at Molin with tears in his eyes.
The cold light in Molin’s eyes flashed on Arthur.
Arthur felt that there was a pot of cold water pouring from head to toe, and he was shivering. He wanted to call the guards to kill Mo Lin and swallow the last sentence back into his stomach. He was too stupid to make a move.