After the Indonesian government got the news that the oil well was bombed, Malaysia immediately condemned the terrorist attack and angrily pointed out that it must be an exhibition inspired by some countries.

Although they didn’t really point out that Daxia country participated in the attack, everyone pointed out which country in vain.
The international community has been talking about the recent events in the South China Sea for a long time. I didn’t expect to make such a big event, shelling the oil well and killing hundreds of people. This is not only a destruction, but also a war.
Can’t Daxia Kingdom resist it?
Have they taken off their camouflage and prepared to show their long fangs to show their hunting action to disobedient lambs?
But none of them expected that it was just one.
What came next was the real nightmare for Indonesia.
The words in the President’s Office of Susie Road in Indonesia never stopped all night.
One word after another came in, almost all of them were an oil well shelled and another oil well shelled, all of which required the navy to go to support and attack the attacking enemy.
However, President Su Xi-lu’s face was so bitter that he did not move at all.
These incoming calls are all about being hit, but there is no information about the enemy. Who is the enemy? Which country? Is it a warship or an airplane? None of these!
Su Xi Road doesn’t want to have a few ports turned into scrap metal oil platforms and put in a few warships.
Malaysia before and Philippines after, these two countries also sent warships, but didn’t they just drop dead?
Fortunately, he had the foresight to remove most of these oil platforms, and the loss of personnel had to be reduced to a minimum. Otherwise, everyone on these platforms would have been buried in the fire.
Even so, the casualties of all platforms have reached hundreds, which is also a big disaster for Indonesia.
"This is definitely a summer place!" Su Xi Road gritted his teeth and said that his eyes, full of red silk, seemed to hate eating all the summer people.
He naturally knows what caused this incident.
The oil wells in his two countries were destroyed, and there was no massacre of oil well workers. It was because of maritime territorial disputes that civilians were harmed.
However, they did not hesitate to kill each other, which obviously meant revenge, and it was revenge for the massacre of Daxia descendants in the last century.
Obviously, Su Xi Road, a foreign country, can’t think of any other country that has such a deep-rooted hatred for Indonesia.
"endure! Be patient! Have I endured this tone? " Su Xi Road clenched his fist and almost pinched his nails into the meat.
Actually, what else can he do but endure?
Does he dare to launch another massacre against the descendants of Daxia?
At this time, Daxia is not the same as it was decades ago. If he dares to do so, waiting for them, the Indonesians will take revenge on Daxia.
Besides, the current international situation is by no means the same as before. If you want to launch another massacre, he is definitely going to stand up and even take the bench as president.
What he can do now can also be verbal condemnation.
If he points the finger directly at Daxia, he must first produce evidence, otherwise even the United States will not agree with him.
Zhuo Qiang is naturally unconcerned about Su Xi Road. He really thinks that it would be best if he could grieve President Indonesia.
In the next two days, Zhuo Qiang toured back and forth in the South China Sea on the Long Yun like a guard reviewing troops to see which oil fields were still being produced.
If there is positive production, it would be the best. Long Yun can upgrade after absorbing it for another night, and then disable several positive production wells by the way
But as expected, all the countries in the South China Sea gave up mining and withdrew all the oil well personnel.
It’s not impossible for them not to withdraw!