My father said, "Just now, we both said that the ancient Dian Kingdom was a slave kingdom composed of different nationalities, and the first king in it was a foreign Han Chinese. Although Zhuang Ti was later elected as the king of Dian, it cannot be ruled out that there are still some other ethnic minorities in central Yunnan who do not obey Zhuang Ti’s orders. It is impossible to say that there is no ethnic contradiction in Wang Guozhong."

Wang Chengbao continued with my father’s words, "It is very likely that a group of Yunnan people will leave the central part of Yunnan because of dissatisfaction when the country was founded."
Qin Guiren took a sip of tea and still didn’t seem to have the meaning of Bai Wang Chengbao.
Wang Chengbao daily with a mass at the right moment couldn’t help getting impatient and said, "Oh, being a soldier is really stupid. Why don’t you understand when you’re here?" In short, Fan Ge and I agree that the village you found is probably a adherent of the ancient Dian kingdom. "
Chapter 23 cellar
According to Wang Chengbao’s original plan, he wanted to go to the village where the old village chief died. However, although there was a truce between China and Vietnam at that time, small-scale border conflicts still occurred from time to time. It has become a blockade area where ordinary people entered, and the Qin brothers did not remember the specific location of the village. After some discussion, the investigation team decided to go to the mysterious Miao ancient village first. It has been very clear here that the Miao ancient village is actually the Miao village I met.
Their route is almost the same as when I went to Miao village. First, I went to Wenshan Miao and Zhuang Autonomous Region, and then I went to Southwest Mountain.
Although the former Qin Guiren had made many marks when he left the Miao ancient village, after all, one year has passed and the marks were made in the deep mountains and forests. They also had many twists and turns in the process of finding the Miao ancient village, and I won’t repeat them here.
Generally speaking, it was two days after they arrived at Guzhai.
The ancient village is located in the depths of the dense forest on the hillside of my father and others, which can clearly overlook the whole ancient village landform
Qin Guiren, my father, pointed to a small square in the middle of the ancient village, saying that it was the place where the villagers worshipped the bronze coffin. He still remembers that when the villagers saw the bronze coffin coming out of a young woman, they were not surprised but rejoiced. The worship eyes seemed to meet the gods in their hearts. After the woman came out of the bronze coffin, the six coffin-carrying villagers quickly re-sealed the bronze coffin, and it seemed that they were not going to carry the bronze coffin back to their hometown, but carried it to the ancient times. A remote wooden house in the village, similar to the ancestral temple, has not seen those villagers come out for a long time afterwards. Qin Guiren and others feel strange and hastily leave the ancient village. Now when he faces this ancient village again, his curiosity is still the same as before, but this curiosity is always mixed with many fear elements.
Now Qin Guiren is surrounded by three professionals specializing in history, and he hopes to get a reasonable explanation of all these bizarre events from these three populations.
They didn’t rush to the ancient village that night because they were not sure that the villagers here would welcome them.
My father originally planned to enter the ancient village for an inspection, but it was unanimously opposed by Wang Chengbao and the Qin brothers. At that time, my father was still a staunch theist. He really didn’t believe the Qin brothers’ words, but the Qin brothers and Wang Chengbao insisted that this ancient village contained some hidden secrets. If you rush into the village, you will probably be in danger. Even if you don’t visit, you will probably be stopped by the villagers. Wang Chengbao decided to sneak into the house with bronze coffins at night. Although my father opposed it, it was a minority.
First, they watched the ancient village closely all day and found that the house with bronze coffins mentioned by Qin Guiren had no people coming in and out all day long, so the next night, while the villagers were asleep, they sneaked into the ancient village and came to the wooden house.
The wooden house was built on a mountain with a small area, and it was only 60 square meters by visual inspection. Everyone was stunned. It turned out that the doors and windows of the wooden house were engraved with totem-like runes. Yes, it was this kind of rune again. It looked more familiar to Qin Guiren, and I unconsciously remembered the rune painted by Ayuna on my face.
Wang Chengbao and my father looked at these runes for a while, but no one understood them. At this time, my father asked Duan Yuwen, "Duan specializes in the history and customs of ethnic minorities. Come and see if you can understand this thing?"
Duan Yuwen looked at it for half a day and frowned and said, "This ….. I see it too white."
Wang Chengbao disdained to say, "He also specializes in the history and customs of ethnic minorities, and he can’t send a show at all."
Five people hesitated a Wang Chengbao way "forget it, forget it, whatever it is, let’s go in and talk about it."
The wooden door was unlocked. Wang Chengbao tentatively pushed the door and the door shaft was silent. In the middle of the night, he gave a harsh groan. All of them held their breath and nothing happened. Five people bravely walked into the wooden house. As soon as they entered the room, they came face to face with a musty smell. This wooden house has probably not been played for a long time.
At first, everyone was worried about whether there would be anyone in the room, but the strong musty smell seemed to have said that there was absolutely no one in this room. It was very muddy and smelled of earth.
As soon as Wang Chengbao entered the door, he couldn’t wait to take a photo of the house, only to find that there was nothing swinging in the whole house. There was a cave more than one meter high and half a meter wide on the wall opposite the door. They looked at each other, which was completely different from what they had imagined in advance. They had pushed the door to be like an ancestral temple, where the Miao people recognized their ancestor Chiyou or made his ancestors live in the ancestors’ ancestors, and so on. Then there was that strange bronze coffin in the middle of the room, but now it was a completely different scene before their eyes.
My father and Duan Yuwen looked at his corner in another room, while Wang Chengbao went straight to the entrance of the cave and took a photo with his hands. The Qin brothers stayed aside and didn’t speak.
The cave is deep and shows a slope. There is something in the cave when the hand tube shines brightly. Wang Chengbao puts his head into the cave and smells it, then shrinks back and says doubtfully, "This seems to be a cellar."
"cellar?" Everyone was surprised, but it’s not impossible to think about it, because first of all, the ancient village is located on the road where two mountains came, and everyone found that most of the mountains here are not high, but just like hills. The hills and rocks are not hard and easy to chisel, which is very suitable for building cellars, but because of the steep slopes, it is rainy all the year round, and it makes sense to prevent rain from flowing from the mountains into the cellars and build a small wooden house to shelter them from the rain.
Wang Chengbao pointed to the mouth of the cave and said, "The earthy smell in the house comes from this cave. As you can see just now, this cabin is built on the mountain. The back of the cabin is almost attached to the whole mountain. I think this hole may lead to the mountain."
My father didn’t believe it, so he ran to take a photo and found that some stone steps did extend obliquely at the entrance of the cave. Then he turned to Qin Guiren and asked, "Are you sure that the bronze coffin was carried into this wooden house at that time?"
Qin Guiren nodded firmly. "I remember very clearly that we were carried into this wooden house when we were away from the bronze coffin. Of course, if the bronze coffin was carried to another place later, I don’t know."
Wang Chengbao said, "Whether it has been carried away or not, if the bronze coffin has not been carried away, it must be in it. If it has been carried away, there is nothing to say in it. Let’s go and see now, and everything will be white."
After Wang Chengbao finished this speech, everyone was a little hesitant, especially Duan Yuwen, who was the youngest of these people and had little experience. At this moment, an unknown Miao ancient village listened to two veterans telling those bizarre experiences, and now he felt a little scared to walk into this deep cellar unarmed.
Wang Chengbao felt very angry at everyone’s hesitation and said, "What’s the matter? Afraid? Why are you so timid? Old Qin, you two brothers have been soldiers at least. You dare not drill in such a small cellar in the battlefield? "
Soldiers bloody most can’t stand goad Qin Gui and temperament is very impulsive cried and said, "who is afraid of? I’ll go first! " As he spoke, the cat bent around to drill into the cave.
Qin Guiren grabbed his brother and said, "Don’t be impulsive, I’ll go first."
Qin Gui and skimming the pie mouth said, "Brother, do you score in order to drill a cellar? What can I do if I go first? Can there be another monster coming out of this cellar? "
In this way, several people went into the cellar holding hands.
The depth of the cellar is far beyond everyone’s imagination. After walking along the stone steps for five or six minutes, the oxygen around it is getting scarcer and scarcer. When walking in front of the stone steps, Qin Guihe felt a little embarrassed and said, "Where does this cellar lead to? Why is it so long?"
Chapter 24 altar ghost baby
The jar was about half a meter high, and the airtightness was damaged by being beaten. At that time, the whole jar was filled with the strange smell of milk, but everyone was not intoxicated. Instead, they felt sick. It is hard to imagine that this strange smell was emitted by such an ugly thing.
The worm in the jar seems to be very long, two or three meters long, two fingers thick, eyes and feet full of dark red, and it seems to be a huge earthworm. At this moment, it seems to be disturbed and twisted back and forth in the dark liquid, which has gradually formed a small vortex.
My father frowned and wondered, "What kind of bug is this?"
"It looks like an earthworm, but something seems to be wrong," Duan Yuwen said.
As soon as Wang Chengbao’s eyes were sharp, he found the abnormality and jumped out of the jar and shouted, "It’s not an earthworm. Stay away from that thing!"
When everyone was surprised, they looked Wang Chengbao in succession. This stupidly, I heard the "Hua" in the pots and pans. The blade actually jumped out directly from it. When the Qin brothers were soldiers, they quickly took a flicker with their hands in their left hands and took out a waist machete according to the fact that the insect’s right hand was almost flashing.
The abnormal position of the worm was immediately revealed when the hand tube was illuminated. I saw that the worm’s body was very similar to that of earthworms, but there was a big mouth at one end of its body that was extremely uncoordinated. At the moment, two claws were showing in its mouth and rushed at Duan Yuwen.
The worm is very fast, as if it had always been Xu Li in those liquids before. At this moment, an outbreak of Xu Li has already rushed to Duan Yuwen. The speed is staggering. When Duan Yuwen didn’t react too much, he stretched out his arm to block the other, and then he heard a scream. Duan Yuwen’s whole body fell to the ground.
Strangely, the big bug bit a section of Yuwen’s arm hard, and then the horse let go and tried to get into Duan Yuwen’s mouth.
Duan Yuwen was surprised and afraid to quickly grab the worm’s body and drag it out, but the worm’s body was slippery and there was a time when Yuwen couldn’t catch the worm in the middle of the dark liquid for a few seconds, and the worm’s head had already got into Duan Yuwen’s mouth.
My father went to Wang Chengbao and took a photo with his hand, but the liquid inside was as dark as ink, and the bright roots could not be taken in, let alone find something of him in the altar.
Father shook his head and said, "I can’t see anything in it. We probably wouldn’t have seen it if it hadn’t just floated on the surface of this liquid."
No matter what his father said, Wang Chengbao was looking for something in the corner of this small stone room. After a while, he saw a small angular stone and said, "I will prove it to you."
When my father saw his posture, he quickly stopped "Wait, what are you doing?"
"Of course, it is to smash this altar. Since there is black liquid in it, we can’t see clearly what is inside. The best way is to make a hole in the altar and let the liquid out."
As soon as my father tried to dissuade me, but Wang Chengbao was a famous acute, he immediately turned his arm around and listened to "Mao". A jar was smashed out of a hole the size of a bowl, and the black liquid conveniently flowed out. When the Qin brothers and Duan Yuwen saw the black water coming towards them, they didn’t know if it was clean, so they hid near the jar.
The liquid in the jar is getting less and less, and half of it has flowed out in the blink of an eye. At this time, a somewhat blue or light blue object appeared in the center of the jar, and it suddenly appeared like an island in the black water.
Father looked at Wang Chengbao to ask questions, but he stopped him. Wang Chengbao pointed to the jars and said, "Look and you will know."
After a while, the light blue protrusion gradually emerged, and its black water sample appeared. As that thing appeared, a strange atmosphere lingered in front of everyone. The father and others suddenly felt chills in their backs, and that Wang Chengbao showed an abnormal excitement.