First, the worker was fired, and then he found many jobs, but he didn’t find a good job. He didn’t want to do it. Now it is said that Baiwu seems to have suffered from mental illness, and the specific situation is not clear. The egret is really a hard reader of tragedy. People will always end up on the road, and what happens will soon be forgotten.

This EU just wants to laugh. Isn’t that Wen Zhu? However, Wei aesthetically, she really doesn’t think there is anything, but this stage lighting is really inferior.
No wonder everyone said she was from the countryside. No wonder Yan said there was something wrong with her clothes.
"The wind is blowing the willows, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, swi
Wen Zhu, the EU was amused at this scene. How did this girl choose this song, and she was able to audition? However, this song was naughty and lively. Everyone could not help laughing when she sang it. Obviously, her naughty voice and funny appearance infected the scene as soon as she sang it.
"Who sings so ugly?" She is looking for someone to be upset and obviously not suitable for the atmosphere of this song.
The songs and atmosphere you listen to are very popular. When you are happy, you should listen to sadness when you are unhappy.
Of course, I also think that Wen Zhu’s singing is ugly and Cui. Obviously, she thinks that such a song with no technical content is better than not singing by herself.
"Funny and flattering" Cui complained that she felt that Wen Zhu could pass the audition because she was more beautiful than herself.
"I think it’s pretty good. Roaming is a pleasure." Shame doesn’t understand art by feeling, but it can also feel that joy.
Shame on Cui doesn’t refute this. This is a rich family. She knows that she can’t compete with flowers. We are no more gentle and virtuous than clever.
Anyway, a clever woman is just as likable, but Cui’s character is probably not clever either.
"Left hand a chicken right hand has been duck back a fat doll-"
"Ha ha, that’s funny."
"Very funny"
Everyone can’t laugh. This atmosphere is instantly ignited. Compared with the previous ones, although singing is remarkable, it is quickly forgotten. She is well remembered by the audience, but I don’t know how the referee.
Since ancient times, the audience and the referee have not been United, and it is much more complicated for the audience to like to listen to the referee. After all, it is not sloppy to give the champion to whom people have to work and collect money.
When Zhu Wentai was in Taiwan, everyone didn’t want to humble her like that. Instead, they gave her thunderous applause, and it was right to sing and dress.
Ann is still shuttling through the crowd, and Wei seems to think of something.
"What time is it in peace?"
"I’m at ten fifty."
When I got off my cell phone, I said, how time flies! I have been looking for myself for so long, but I haven’t found my own Mr. White Horse. He really has some frustration.
Wei remembered that Wen Zhu had just told me to take out the belt reel and hit it. This is an advertising photo with a width of half a meter and a length of one meter. You can paste it if you tear it.
"What are you going to do? "In peace to EU don’t find Wang Xuan with her, she asked doubtfully. She estimated that she also knew that she couldn’t find Wang Xuan, and she felt quite chatting.
"To post advertisements," said Wei, who was a little unconscious. "Advertisers always have a bad influence. After all, it is absolutely the most annoying thing to insert advertisements in TV dramas."
"Let me help you." In peace, it is also a sudden conscience discovery that I probably feel that I have ordered EU to count too many times, and I have earned 500 yuan each time, and I have no money to give it to EU. Although she refuses to admit that she is not authentic, she still feels a little guilty.
Wei feels a little cold in her back, and there is a feeling that the weasel gives the chicken a New Year call, which can’t be helped. After all, An An hasn’t done anything good to her.
The two found a conspicuous place to post the advertising paper to the farmhouse for cooking, which is affordable and has sufficient weight.
The advertisement is simple. It is just a list of some dishes and the price is fifteen yuan. A dish is indeed at a favorable price and it is also included.
Chapter 197 Chapter one hundred and fifteen Wen Zhu Shouting business.
"When all go to where-"
With the help of Song An ‘an, Wei finally posted the advertisement-%.%
"It’s too ugly. No one will be unhappy with this advertisement. Although she has no professional aesthetic standards, she still distinguishes between beauty and ugliness. Obviously, Wen Zhu has no artistic skills. It is estimated that it is bold or it is rough to save this advertisement.
"It’s not like you look like this. Wang Xuan still has the same love for you." EU hit.
"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, don’t you know?" When he said so, he revealed that he really knew that he was not good-looking.
"Well, you’re the most beautiful." This girl in the EU language doesn’t recognize that she is hitting him. It’s like you try your best to punch the other party and then it will easily break up.
"By the way, I helped you so much to order a dish, didn’t I? "In peace, pointing to the advertisement number, the thief laughs to her bones and is a greedy person.
"Come on, when someone invites you to dinner, don’t think about this takeaway. You really know how to live." I have to say that there are quite a few women who love to take advantage of the countryside.
Soon the game also came to Yan. Obviously, a group of cannon fodder was just in front of Yan. The more I didn’t, the more I sang hard in front of Yan, but the audience didn’t even bother to applaud. Everyone said that they obviously took Yan seriously.
Even if there is no fantasy after Yantai, I know that I am hopeless. To put it bluntly, these auditions are all made up to make the literary and art competition look particularly grand. The number of people must be certain.
A group of enthusiastic students obviously don’t know what’s going on. When they arrived in Wen Zhu, they were gone. Obviously, if they knew they were going to stay here, why would they stay here?
Yan also left angrily at the thought of this. Obviously, the ideal is full and the reality is very skinny. The so-called ideal is the patent of the rich, and there is no money and no status, that is, green leaves or even green leaves are not cannon fodder.
EU and Ann are still looking for Wang Xuan. Obviously, Wang Xuan seems to be missing, and she can’t find it. Soon she hears someone shouting.
"Take-away affordable fast food. Don’t miss the opportunity to pass by." Wen Zhu looked for it and didn’t find Wei, but she accidentally found Wei’s advertisement. When she saw no one, she shouted to attract others’ attention
"Are you tired in peace? "This one EU also some can’t stand it.
"Really tired" In peace is fatter than EU and obviously more easily tired.
"Let’s go and have a rest." Where do they post advertisements? There is a row of leisure places. This is specially chosen by EU. After all, some people will think about eating when they rest.
"Well, it can also be like this." It has always been the purpose of peace to think that someone is treating you in peace. It is naturally sick to treat you with big money.
"Come and help shout a few words" Wen Zhu also don’t know where to get a few flags while shouting very lively, she came to the EU also discuss EU shout together.
"I’m not yelling. I’m exhausted." I can’t wait to lie down and have a rest when EU sits.
"Who is this? Help shout a shout "Wen Zhu to Ann obviously haven’t seen, but she is naturally engage.
"I’ll take a rest first." It’s true that Ann is tired, and her ass has risen without grace. It’s not wrong to say that pigs can fall asleep wherever they go.
Zhang Huicui, who has been ill for a long time, also feels unconscious. Chinese people either like to join in the fun, but it is interesting when there are many people.
It’s getting hot, and the Wulin officialdom is discharging dry ice. Suddenly, the whole Wulin Square is like a cloud, just like a fairyland. This phenomenon was also treated by a big star concert in Spring City five years ago.
"Let’s go out and find a place to eat first." He feels unconscious but can’t say it out.
"Well, I feel a little hungry, too." If Chinese people don’t like anything, they won’t just say it. They will make excuses to say that they have dinner and sometimes say that the toilet slips.
Cui and shame also felt unconscious and nodded in approval, so four people squeezed out again. It’s a tragedy to squeeze in half a life and squeeze out half a life.
Everyone breathed a sigh of relief except the crowd. It was inconvenient for everyone to find Wei. It turns out that Wei doesn’t have a mobile phone
"I really want to hear the EU sound." A few people along the crowd are looking for illness, like hearing the EU sound. EU is familiar with him and he is familiar with EU.
"No, you’re a lover. Beauty is in the ear. I heard the sound of an ‘an." When he was ashamed, he obviously had a headache when he got to an ‘an.
"No, it seems to be Zhu Wenyin." Cui pricked up her ears and heard Zhu Wenyin, but to put it bluntly, all three people shouted at different angles and heard different people.
"No matter who the sound is, it’s outside anyway, right? Let’s find the sound in the past." Zhang Hui has no clue, so it’s better to find the sound.
Everyone found the sound and walked dozens of meters away, and finally arrived at EU Wen Zhu and Ann, where three people shouted in different positions.
Wen Zhu is waving a flag, which is particularly enthusiastic. Wei is sitting there waving a flag as a cheer. This is still lying there in peace. It’s just a matter of time.
"I finally found you." Zhang Hui is relieved. It would be bad if I lost people well.