This palm is too strong!

If there is no town prison tripod to resist the front to resolve most of the war is this blow, Wudao Zun will destroy the bones in form and spirit!
Even so, Wu Daozun was beaten continuously to cough up blood and turned pale.
The emperor is strong!
"I want to escape if I kill someone in heaven!"
A majestic than murderous sound echoed in the stars!
It was a celestial middleman!
Heaven’s pursuit and arrival at the root didn’t give Wu Daozun a chance to return to A-bi Hell.
Before Wu Daozun thought much of this big hand, the second strike had already been taken down, carrying the monstrous pressure, the stars burst and the stars trembled!
Wu Daozun takes a deep breath of gas, qi and blood rising, and the whole person is incarnated as a red-hot melting pot of heaven and earth, almost bursting the whole star.
Six flames are burning like six fire dragons, and the melting pot of heaven and earth keeps blessing to burn the sky and cook the sea!
At the same time, budo Zun released budo purgatory.
At the same time, Wudao Zun broke out in the field of blood vessel vision cooperation, carrying the town prison tripod and rising against the trend!
A figure was faintly conjured up in the sky star, burning with a hot red flame.
The celestial emperor’s face is shrouded in flames, and I can’t really see his eyes. generate has two torch-like eyes and falls on budo.
"Firefly light!"
The heavenly emperor sneered at one hand and didn’t stop, showing little sign of changing tactics.
But there seems to be a world in his palm that suppresses all souls!
Covering the sky, the big hand landed on the Wudao Zun Heaven and Earth Melting Furnace, and the Wudao Purgatory collided with the Town Prison Ding.
In an instant, the heavens and the earth seemed to be in instantaneous stillness.
Kaka, Kaka!
Then the cracks in budo purgatory broke in an instant.
The melting pot of heaven and earth was also torn apart, and the figure of Wudao Zun reappeared, and the blood was red with large stars.
The town prison ding was beaten to the side.
The four holy spirits of the tripod body were so suppressed that they were dim without awakening.
Wu Daozun exhaled panting.
This palm almost cut off his life!
I’m afraid this heavenly monarch is the top one among the emperors!
Wu Daozun holds the soul lamp in his left hand and the ghost treasure in his right hand.
These are his two most powerful treasures.
However, the soul lamp does great harm to the soul of the Yuan God, and the other party has physical protection, and the soul lamp can hardly threaten the other party.
And the book of the underworld …
Brahma Gui Mu left the blood inside to break the nine deep and remote sins when they were exhausted.
At this time, even if the blood of Wu Daozun is devoured and the ghost pupil is released, I am afraid it will not threaten the heavenly emperor.
It’s the first time that Wu Daozun has suffered such a major trauma since he stepped into the territory of Wu!
The gap between the two sides is too big.
Even Wu Daozun can’t make up for it with the help of three beautiful treasures.
At this moment, a white pheasant appeared in the sight of Wu Daozun, holding a long tail across the stars in the distance.
This white pheasant appears very strangely.
The stars around in the distance are out of place.
Wu Daozun never realized that this white pheasant appeared from time to time, as if it suddenly appeared over there.
This white pheasant has no breath fluctuation. It seems that there is nothing wrong with it. It is an ordinary pheasant.
But seriously injured Wu Daozun didn’t realize that the heavenly emperor seemed to think of something after seeing this white pheasant, and his face suddenly changed!
Wu Daozun’s life is hanging by a thread, but I don’t know if he can’t help himself and wants to see the white pheasant unconsciously.
This pheasant is completely white, only a pair of eyes are dark.
Wu Daozun’s eyes meet the pheasant’s eyes.
The pheasant’s dark eyes rolled.
Boom one!
Wu Daozun’s mind suddenly turned white and then he lost consciousness.