"Huh?" Suddenly, a glittering and translucent vertical eye was stirred up between the eyebrows after the convergence of the rebellious spirit, and the light was slowly revealed and stirred. After a while, I listened to Jade Duxiu and smiled gently. "It’s crazy to want to meet the ancestors."

Words falling jade alone moved the palm of your hand and took a step to sit on a bluestone plate at the foot of Kunlun Mountain.
Before Yu Duxiu appeared and waited long, he saw a cloud in the distance flying in the direction of Kunlun Mountain.
"Daoyou, please stay."
Jade Duxiu eyes looked at the high school cloud suddenly said
This sentence seems to have a strange magic. Seeing that the cloud suddenly came to an abrupt end, an old man with white hair and beard fell in front of him and stood firm. "Friends don’t know to call the old man for something."
"This is the boundary of Kunlun Mountain, where there are many ancestors, demon gods and Long Jun close friends. If you rush into Kunlun Mountain so rashly, if you collide with my Terran ancestor, that’s all. The ancestor may not care if you collide with Long Jun demon gods, you are afraid of losing your life." Yu Duxiu threatened.
If Yu Duxiu’s words fell, the old man suddenly saw sweat on his forehead and suddenly wiped his forehead sweat. "Thank you, Daoyou, for waking up, I almost gave my life. Don’t say thank you, Laodao and other important things. We will definitely thank you again in the future."
"Hey, hey, Daoyou, please stay. What are you doing in such a hurry? Is there something urgent?" Yudu avenue
When the old man heard the news, he couldn’t help but take back the bitter face and said, "The four seas dragons sent troops to attack me. Now I’m here to consult my ancestors in Kunlun Mountain."
"What? Those loaches in the four seas are so bold that they dare to send troops. My Terran is really tired of living. "Jade Duxiu is surprised."
"Alas, the old road doesn’t talk to the Taoist friends. Now there is something important to ask for the ancestor. Let’s do it in the future …" That old saying is too long to say a few words before thinking about drilling into Kunlun Mountain again.
Jade Duxiu got up and had a black lotus in his hand. "Wait a minute, walk and ask you, are you now in Kunlun Mountain, if you find the trace of your godfather?" The vast number of ancestors in Kunlun Mountain are ethereal. Is it that laymen can find them? "
"This ….." The old man stopped his pace and hesitated.
Jade Duxiu smiled and patted the old man’s shoulder with the palm of his hand in the previous step. The black lotus instantaneous contact with the old man was integrated.
"It’s not that you’re just a godsworn in the realm of nature. If you find the trace of your godfather, even if it’s face to face, you will miss it." Talking, Jade Duxiu smiled immediately after seeing the black lotus integrated into the old man’s body. This old man is just a godsworn. Jade Duxiu’s intentional plot against the root can’t resist the jade Duxiu’s calculation. Black lotus sneaked into the body and the disaster force Yuan Shen slowly merged.
"This ….. this is so good, please ask Taoist friends to give directions." The old man heard that he was in a hurry and was respectful to Yu Duxiu.
Jade Duxiu nodded and looked at the old man and said, "If you are so eager for the old one, I’ll show you the way. You can walk along the mountain to the east for 1,400 miles and meet a twin canyon, which is 7,400 miles south of the sun, which is the ancestral retreat."
"Thank you, Daoyou. Thank you, Daoyou. If I solve the crisis in the future, there must be Daoyou’s great contribution. Grandfather will inevitably return Daoyou." The old man flew to the jade show with a grateful face in a hurry.
Looking at the old man’s departure direction, Yu Duxiu’s eyes narrowed slightly and smiled coldly. "Boy, you’re such a fool. I’ll show you how to be original today."
Said the jade Duxiu figure disappeared.
In a scenic canyon, Jade Duxiu revealed her figure from it, and at the moment she saw her whole body twisted and instantly changed the appearance of Grandfather.
"Ha, ha, ha, ha, you’re really mysterious." Jade Duxiu looked at her sleeves and laughed.
Chapter 124 Attacking Too Jurisprudence
"hmm? Although I can simulate the Godfather’s kind, the Godfather’s immortal qi machine is not. I can simulate it, but I am ready for it. "As I said this, I saw a scroll in the hands of Jade Duxiu. This scroll is full of immortal qi machine, which is the decree of Godfather.
Push the Godfather’s decree into your arms to stimulate the immortal Taoist Qi-qi in the Godfather’s decree, and suddenly you can see the immortal Taoist Qi-qi jade show slowly escaping all over your body.
"Godfather, brother, I finally found you. Please also ask Godfather to help me." Jade Duxiu was just ready when she heard a cry in the distance. The old man came to the crowd and plopped down on his knees.
"Isn’t the presumptuous seat saying that you can’t come and disturb?" Jade Duxiu stared at the monk, and his whole body was overwhelmed by the old man.
"Forgive me, Godfather. Forgive me, my brother. He came here because he had to come to difficulties." The old man kept kowtowing and felt that he was getting heavier and heavier. The old man was scared to death.
"Oh, in this case, I’ll give you a chance to narrate. If you can’t satisfy your ancestors, don’t blame them for sending you into reincarnation and demoting you into animals." Jade Duxiu’s words are new.
"Is it true that the Godfather asked the four seas dragons to gather all their strength to attack me?" The old man kept crying.
Jade Duxiu smell speech frowned and looked at the old man’s way, "Now, when you realize that Kunlun has reached the key realm, you can’t easily go to Kunlun Mountain to find the original king and ask him to send troops to help you in the future. If you have nothing to do, don’t bother your ancestors or take the blame for their terminating."
After sensing the obliteration machine in the eyes of’ Grandfather’, the Godsworn Taiyuan immediately shivered and bowed down to’ Brother Leave’.
After that, Deng Deng ran away from the mountain and went to the East Kunlun where the original king lived.
Looking at the Taoist priest Taidao walking far away, the jade shows off the whole body, and the fuzzy transformation restores the original appearance. The corners of his mouth reveal a trace of sneer. "Interesting, interesting, this time, the original king will be involved in the mountain, and it is necessary to die in this pit, or it will be difficult to understand my anger."
Taiping avenue
"Do you really stand by and teach us nothing?" An elder watched Ai carefully.
"Hum, this clan was plotting against me in Taiping Road. How can this kind of electrocution not be reported to Taidao’s victim today? I can’t wait for the past and take the opportunity to step on my feet, as in the past." Ai stared at the elder.
"If the palm teaches that the lips are dead and the teeth are cold, the consequences will be incalculable if more than a few clans and the whole Terran are destroyed," the old man said anxiously.
"Do you want to prove it?" Ai looked at the old man.
When the old man heard this, he immediately replied without thinking, "I want to dream."
"Then don’t get it. If you want to get a certificate, you should shut up at this time." Love looked at the elder with hate for iron not to produce.