Soon Sun Hao found his goal.

There is a silver nest with gold in the middle of the cliff. There are one big, two small and three green birds living in the nest.
If Sun Hao didn’t guess wrong, the bird with bright colors and beautiful body like a big golden light should be the king of the Qingdao Islands.
The king of the green flag is the strongest individual in the green flag population and has a certain governing power.
The strength of King Qing is definitely not weaker than that of then dzogchen Xiu.
Sun Hao may be able to win in the early days of then, but it will never be too easy.
It’s not a good idea to kill directly.
Sun Hao quietly observed the activity law of Macrocephala in the sea.
Half a day later, Sun Hao said to Xiao Huo in his mind, "Xiao Huo asked Xiao Zhang to drive a big school of fish and then stall the big green dragonfly with golden light for about half an hour."
Small fire consciousness quickly answered a "good".
And then waved a small claw and a small fire to communicate with the foot-transforming overlord chapter
Sun Haozu motioned for the chapter of deformation overlord to slowly approach the cliff.
Sun Hao’s body slowly attached to the cliff in the sea and quietly disappeared from the cliff.
The chapter of Foot Deformation Overlord perceives that Sun Hao disappears from the rock wall, and his eyes show a bit of surprise, and then drives away the fish according to Sun Hao’s instructions.
The rock strata in the cliff are very hard, even if Sun Hao has mastered the earth-hiding technique very well, he still feels very hard and the speed is not very fast.
It took an hour for Sun Hao to escape from the earth to reach the destination around the king’s lair.
At this time, the king of the green grass has been alarmed by the big fish and launched an attack on the fish with a group of green grass.
A small bird flew over the green flag, but it ate a lot. The king of the green flag launched waves of attacks on the big fish in the sea.
Strips of marine fish were taken out of the water by many green birds smaller than their bodies, and their mouths were thrown to the middle. The green birds swarmed without waiting for the marine fish to fall back to the sea. The whole fish had been pecked by the green birds, and when they fell to the sea, only one pair of marine fish was still steaming and still unwilling to twist its skeleton.
Sun Hao’s body on the cliff gradually squeezed out of the rock wall and appeared next to the king’s lair of the green dragonfly.
There are two young birds in the nest whose wings and feathers are not yet full, and they are waiting for the sea birds to hunt, expecting their mothers to bring back more sea fish as their food.
Suddenly a man appeared at the edge of the nest
The two young grasshoppers were suddenly frightened and unconsciously screamed for help from their mother.
Corleone’s face smiled and reached out for a recruit. Two small grasshoppers fell into the palm of their hands.
Little wings, with no long hair, struggled with the palms of his hands, and his mouth screamed sharply from time to time to ask his mother for help.
Sun Hao’s palm is spread out, but it seems to be tangible and attractive in the palm. Two small cockroaches firmly stick to his hand and struggle hard to fly out of his palm.
With a smile on his face, Sun Hao floats on the edge of the nest of the big green grass, and the big green grass flies back like a golden light
The golden light flashed like a flash, and the silk broke like a golden shuttle flying at Sun Hao’s face. The bird beak of the green dragonfly pecked at Sun Hao’s right eye accurately and mistakenly.
Sun Hao’s face smiled faintly, but his body did not move, but his red light flashed and an egg shell came out.
There was a disdainful look in the eyes of the big grasshopper. The bird’s beak passed through the place. Sun Haolie Vulcan shield was actually pecked through the golden light and almost rushed forward at the same speed.
Dingdang Ichi
The big green dragonfly feels that the beak hurts as if he has pecked something hard and very hard, which makes the beak ache and then a great anti-shock force comes.
The big green flag can’t help being bounced, and it bounces back more than two feet.
Sun Hao’s impact force is still not light, and his body is suddenly reversed by the earthquake. The hard rock wall seems to be knocked out of a human body shape.
Moss and gravel rained down one after another.
Corleone’s face smiled, stepped forward and stood up again. At the edge of the nest, his right hand stretched out and his right palm pointed at the grasshopper, and Wang Liang showed two small grasshoppers.
A few of the king of the Qing Dynasty turned over and stabilized themselves, but first of all, they were their two struggling children.
The king of the body slightly a meal QingDi stopped in the middle.
Sun Hao, a close relative of the two young grasshoppers, struggled and screamed more and more, but how they flapping their wings just couldn’t fly away from Sun Hao’s palm by half an inch.
With a smile on his face and a sincere look in his eyes, Sun Haolang said, "Sun Hao, the king of the Qing Dynasty, took the liberty to bother you, but there is one thing that I don’t know if the king of the Qing Dynasty will give me a chance. If we can talk about Sun Hao, it will never be difficult for him to be a king girl."
The king of Qing dynasty stared at Sun Hao with evil eyes and a little bit of anger, without moving or expression.
Sun Hao smiled, right hand and palm shook, and two young grasshoppers were flapping their wings and flying to the king of grasshoppers.
An unexpected look flashed in the king’s eyes, and with a wave of his wings, two small grasshoppers fell into the nest smoothly.
The two young grasshoppers fell into their familiar nests and were surrounded by powerful mothers. At last, many mothers and hateful human monks with two pairs of indecisive eyes were quiet.
The king of the Qing Dynasty was furious in his heart, but he also had deep fear.
The terran monk generously released his daughter, but just met her and told her that if the two sides turned against each other, they might not be able to keep a pair of women.
The human monk is tall, but his strength is absolutely strong. The unknown crimson gang gas can actually stop himself from breaking the law. It’s really very difficult for such a monk to have a bird’s beak.
The king of the green dragonfly is spiritual, but after all, he has not reached the strength of Yuan Ying, and he can’t speak, but Sun Hao’s words are very clear, and he understands it.
Terran monks have something to ask for from themselves, but the way to ask for it is a bit special. They actually went straight to their door and took their daughter to ask for it.
If it weren’t for the Terran Godsworn’s strength enough to fight against himself and threaten the female rage, the king of Qingtian would have made a brazen move.
Now, naturally, we can listen to what the Terran monks have to say.
It’s not too late to start work if you can’t talk properly.
King Qinglan believes that if you really want to do it, maybe your daughter can’t get sick safely, but Terran monks don’t want to leave. The myriad Qinglan islands are not for nothing.
Now, the king of Qinglan is still a little confused about how the Terran monks crossed so many Qinglan islands and how they approached their nests.
It really makes it sit up and take notice that only the monks in the early days of then have such ability.
The king of the grasshopper thought about it for a while, and finally he nodded his head slowly with patience and anger.
Direct attack on the king of Qinglan Sun Hao is just right.
If Sun Hao comes directly to tell her that there is something to discuss, the result is definitely not as good as Sun Hao’s eating a bird’s beak and driving Sun Hao away.
I have shown myself something, something that makes the king of Qinglan afraid, and makes the king of Qinglan feel difficult.