Night string on a face of so-called expression Li Re precious little suddenly frowned "you mean Yin Zhai"

"Otherwise?" Night string month fidgety sat up. "I said what are you thinking after asking for so long? I tell you, I hate you women’s attitude of divination."
Li Re bit his lip. "But isn’t Yanzhai in A city? How come?"
"A city, that is the Yin chaebol. Later, my mother moved here to work in the Yin family for so many years. You still don’t believe my words. Is this Yin villa here in A city?"
Night string moon said and pointed to his feet.
Li Re shook his head puzzled. "What’s here and there? Make it clear."
"Eh, you are so stupid." Night string month shouted impatiently.
"That is to say, Yin used to live in Lianshan where we are now, and I still remember that it was a big old house. Later, a fire broke out in this place and many people died. Anyway, that’s what happened. Then Yin’s old house was abandoned and Yin Mo moved to A city with my mother."
Li Re precious little sat down on the ground, that is to say, in fact, Yin Mo and Zhang Ma lived in this place.
Although she doesn’t know anything, she always feels flustered.
Night string month looked at her with a silly face and couldn’t help sneering, "Woman, after you know this news, do you think it’s old-fashioned for your family to live in such an old place before Yin Dong?"
Li Re precious little didn’t answer the night string on the side if people smiled a few continue to mouth.
"Woman, I tell you, don’t want to see it so much. After trying the scene with you, I can tell you that we are actually in a very prosperous place in front of the Lotus Hill."
Li Re precious little eyes hanging silent night string month wonder at her no longer speak silent for a long time Li Re precious little suddenly raised his head "do you know where Yin’s abandoned old house is?"
It’s hard to frown at night. "I don’t know. I was only ten years old when I left, and I still had a high fever. That smelly old woman knew to help the Yin family and ignored me."
"I want to see it," Li Rexi got up. "Anyway, I don’t know where it is now. Let’s try our luck. Since that place is a big old house, it should be a big place. At least we can stay there tonight."
The night string and the moon are uncertain
Li Re pity can personally go to the Yin’s old house to have a look and have to continue to coax way
"Night God, do you know that it may be a thunderstorm now? I don’t know if Yin Mo has come to see me. If he is busy with Zhang Ma, he can’t come to see me. Then we can’t stay here for one night."
"It makes sense. It makes sense, but" Night Moon pursed her lips. "I heard that there was a ghost of Master Yin who would kill her."
Li Rexi turned his eyes. "You love to walk or not. Anyway, I also said that if there is a thunderstorm in this weather, we will both freeze to death and starve to death here."
Night string on a cover her mouth "line to go"
He packed his things and got up and ticked his finger at Li Re. "I can say in advance that I have been away from here for too long and I don’t remember the wrong way. Don’t blame me."
Li Ruoxi looked at him. "Nothing, even if you go wrong and fall into the slum, I believe you are more noticeable than me."
What she said was not groundless.
Li Ruoxi’s dressing is simple, capable and convenient to climb because he is prepared for being tired before.
And the night string moon has to wear all kinds of famous brand mountains. Although these equipments are very popular in A city, it is unbearable to walk on the mountain road.
I’m not in the mood to talk to her at night. Moon is wearing a backpack and headphones. He glanced back at Li Re and threw her a coat. "I can tell you that you are the first woman who can wear my night goddess coat for the time being."
Li Re cherish a smiling face and put his coat on his body.
Although it is not considerate, it is still a gentleman who knows to give her something to eat and something to wear.
If there is ink at this moment, nothing will happen.
She walked with a deep foot and a shallow foot beside the night string moon, thinking that if Yin Mo was there, she would be able to hide in his arms on his back.
In this way, she won’t be afraid even if she really wants to stay in the Woods for one night.
While thinking about Li Re’s pity, she looked at the sky with concern. She came out alone and wanted to go for fun and digestion.
Who knew this would happen?
Er, Yin Mo must be anxious to wait now, and he must be angry again.
It seems to be aware that Li Re is absent-minded. After thinking for a while, he added, "Don’t worry too much. I won’t really leave you here, no matter what, I won’t say that I forgot and walk away. I’m you stupid woman."
Li Re smiled a pale smile. "I am a little sad. Yin Mo will be angry when I come out for so long. He will be very worried about me."
Night string moon holds her wrist and walks in the front. "This worry is certain. If you are my woman, I will beat you. Don’t you dare to run around alone in such a remote place."
Li Re cherishes pie pie "Who is your woman and I want ink"
Night string moon smiled gently. "Yo, I don’t want you to be my woman yet. Why are you arrogant? It seems that you are coming soon after crossing this street."
Li Re nodded absentmindedly, and the night string dragged her straight ahead until a large abandoned rice field really appeared in front of them.
Night string month wipe sweat quipped, "this is really a rural place. You have never seen this rice field, have you?"
Li Ruoxi shook his hand and took out the paper towel and handed it to him. "I haven’t seen you before. Stop stalling. I’m not curious. Are you here? That Yin abandoned old house."