"That’s also driven by interests. Now that we have a deal, we don’t have it."

Old-fashioned and old-fashioned
Qing Ming rain rushed the old man to bow the arch slightly.
Bai Jing son thoroughly nasty constantly mouth "Xin old how can you say that"
How can Bai Jing plead?
Xin Lao just turned his head and ignored her.
"It’s not difficult for me to ask you to handle this matter!" Cheng Jitian waved.
Hu housekeeper immediately brought life.
On hearing the guard of the city
Lv Yunxiong’s face changed greatly, and his heart was more nervous than "we are all life-eating adults."
"Don’t worry!"
"I’d like to see if they are arresting him or me by deducting our fairy stone!"
Jiang Feng is justified.
Even the city guards can’t obey the law.
Lv Yunxiong was sweating profusely, but he couldn’t bear it.
In a short time, housekeeper Hu came to the door of the mansion with seven guards.
Hu Guanjia pointed to Jiang Feng and said, "That is, they wounded our young master. You must arrest him."
Look at the mighty guards
Lv Yunxiong was desperate to the extreme. I didn’t expect this fairy dart to be really detrimental to others.
From the guards
Slowly out of a light woman, he looked around.
Then eyes riveted on Jiang Feng face xiyi strode past "Jiang Feng eldest brother! ?”
Jiang Feng heard someone add him.
I turned my head in astonishment to find that I was an acquaintance.
"Trillion ShuEr! ?”
Trillion Shuer nodded fiercely and his little face was full of joy.
"Jiang Feng eldest brother why are you here! ?”
Jiang Feng didn’t answer rhetorical question "why are you here! ?”
Zhao Shuer stood up and smiled. "This is my father’s area. Of course I’m here. I’m patrolling with the city guards these days!"
I heard that Jiang Feng suddenly realized.
I almost forgot that Zhaomu is also a fairy general. So this fairy city is Zhaomu management!
"Before hitting people won’t be you! ?”
Trillion Shuer suddenly react.
Jiang Feng’s personality is likely to commit crimes in the street.
She patted her head funny. "What happened! ?”
Jiang Feng didn’t hide what happened before telling trillion Shuer.
Zhao Shuer looked up at Cheng Jitian. "I think it’s okay."
Lv Yunxiong wants to despair.
But Jiang Fengzhao Shuer’s dialogue just now made him feel alive again.
Look at Jiang Feng eyes can no longer be normal to shape.
This little guy even knows people in Xianjiang City! ?
In this way, then they will not be saved
"Shuer! How can you talk? You can’t be partial when he hurts my son! "
Cheng Jitian saw that the bearer was Zhao Shuer.
Plus just talk silly can see trillion Shuer Jiang Feng have.
The same big head for a while
If I had known it, I wouldn’t have called it a city guard