How terrible The Hunger’s palm force is can be seen

Lin Yi left foot also took the opportunity to kick to The Hunger abdominal cavity.
However, The Hunger can’t avoid saying that Lin Yi’s current skill is 60%, even 100%. The Hunger dares to hurt and play, and it won’t be painful because The Hunger is suffering from what kind of heavy losses.
The Hunger’s right hand snow sword also reached Lin Yi’s head and then drew a wonderful arc to split Lin Yi’s head.
If you want Lin Yi to kick The Hunger’s cavity, Lin Yi will also be hit in the head with a sword.
It’s Lin Yijian, but now it’s killing Lin Yi.
Lin Yi this moment variants recruit his foot from kicking over the head just kick the blade.
At this moment, the static magic is also static, dripping saliva with his mouth open like a hungry beast. At this moment, he really wants to eat Lin Yi.
Static magic left hand flash palm to Lin Yi right chest.
The Hunger, of course, won’t miss this opportunity. He also took the opportunity to hit Lin Yi on the left chest.
The Hunger and Jing Mo’s martial arts are so terrible. Now Lin Yi can’t hide from one person. Lin Yi wants to resolve it.
The children and Ma Peiling can break out. Lin Yi is really putting her life and death out at the moment.
Lin Yi let out a roar, palms together, rushing out to The Hunger and the clutches.
Lin Yi also knows that these two monsters have amazing palm power. Lin Yi will get wet by the rain and freeze his hands instantly. His hands are also covered with a layer of crystal ice, which can alleviate the pain of recklessly palm power.
"Bang, bang"
Lin Yi’s palms are against The Hunger and the clutches of the static.
Because Lin Yi’s palms were frozen, The Hunger and the evil force of the static clutches could not invade Lin Yi’s palms instantly, but the force of the two clutches shook Lin Yi’s body violently and a wisp of blood flew out of his mouth.
The ice cover that palm of your hand is also broken.
Lin Yi, he succeeded in fighting these two monsters and joined forces horribly.
At the moment, Lin Yi’s hands and double demons are facing the static magic, and the sharp iron hand also takes the opportunity to catch this stone spark in Lin Yi’s chest. Lin Yi can kick the terrible hand of the static magic.
The Hunger grimaced, "Lin Yi, I will let you die miserably today!"
The Hunger took advantage of Lin Yi’s flying feet to kick Jing Mo and kicked Lin Yi in the abdomen.
Lin Yi kicked the static magic arm, and at the same time, Lin Yi scattered part of the true qi abdomen can now stand the foot of The Hunger.
At this time, a figure flew up from the ground smoke.
It’s Ma Peiling.
The children and Ma Peiling took advantage of Lin Yi’s entanglement with the double demons and added the smoke to break out, but Ma Peiling chopped them down with a knife and turned back.
Previously, Lin Yi in the town was a strong player in the face of the North Devil, and the rest of the people could not stand Lin Yi’s place. Lin Yi had the hope of getting out before Ma Peiling and the children went first.
Now Lin Yi is facing the Kunlun magic and the static magic Ma Peiling, thinking that they will die as soon as they leave Lin Yi.
Ma Peiling couldn’t bear it, so she folded it back.
Ma Peiling rose from behind The Hunger. She swung her saber at the back of The Hunger’s head.
The Hunger Lin Yi’s hand, the two men took the opportunity to break through. As a result, when one person returned to The Hunger, he could now take back the kick of Lin Yi, otherwise his head would have been hit by Ma Peiling’s knife.
The Hunger is sandwiched between Lin Yi and Ma Peiling at the moment, and his body is flying out of Ma Peiling at an oblique angle. She also met Lin Yi with a knife.
At this moment, the two of them took a deep look at each other.
Lin Yi also shouted, "Be careful!"
Flying out of The Hunger sideways, his left hand was as long as a storm, grabbing Ma Peiling’s charming drink and chopping at The Hunger’s hand, but The Hunger’s right hand sword instantly swung several swords from the side cover to Ma Peiling.
Ma Peiling can’t avoid this strange sword of The Hunger at the moment.
Lin Yi drinks a left hand and pokes at Jing Mo’s eyes. Jing Mo is not afraid of hitting, but he can’t ignore his eyes and avoid Lin Yi’s poke.
Lin Yi took the opportunity to flash at Ma Peiling.
Lin Yi’s figure is also invested in the sword light that enveloped Ma Peiling.
Chapter two hundred and fifty The bell is broken and the moonlight is broken (3)
Lin Yi threw his hands into the messy sword light and quickly came out, which will cover Ma Peiling’s sword light and break it constantly. Lin Yi now wants to save Ma Peiling, and he also blocked two sword lights for Ma Peiling.
Back and ribs were torn by sword light, bleeding profusely.
Despite Lin Yili’s rescue, it was still too late.
Lin Yi blocked most of the sword light, but there was still a sword light in Ma Peiling’s chest.
Ma Peiling’s instantaneous body trembled and a wisp of blood flew out of her mouth.
Lin Yi also held Ma Peiling in her arms.
The Hunger and the static demon also flashed. During the cremation of this stone, the remaining smoke balls of Lin Yi flew out of the explosion and the colorful smoke filled the surrounding area. Lin Yi took the opportunity to hold the Chinese sword Ma Peiling’s smoke cover and flew away in one direction.
The Hunger and Jing Mo were blinded by smoke at the moment, but The Hunger was very clever in judging the escape direction of Lin Yi’s smoke, and The Hunger quickly chased him.
Static magic confusion to recover from the opposite direction.
Soon Lin Yi came out of the smoke with Ma Peiling in her arms.