"Congratulations, Master"

Ji Yaoxue said with a smile
Yi Ning’s real eyes can’t hide his smile. "It’s also a coincidence. Who would have thought that Mr. Mo would choose me in the end?"
Bai Yuhan asked, "What did Daoyou in Yining just say to Nianqi?"
"I want to meet Mr. Mo and thank him face to face. It’s a pity that people refused directly without agreeing." Yining reality wry smile.
Ji Yaoxue comforted, "Listen to this friend who read Qi Daoyou, and Mr. Mo will appear in the clan door, which is much better than that when the time comes."
"Well, I hope so."
The three of them talked for a few more words, and the Yining reality just left.
Ji Yaoxue turned to say with smile, "Look, I’m the first refiner in Da Zhou, but you can’t see my master if you want to see him."
"Try it. What if it works?"
Bai Yuhan jokingly said, "If it’s a big deal, we’ll quote Yincui gorge, and your name may stop the scene as soon as possible!"
"Sister Bai, you make fun of me again." Ji Yaoxue shook her head and chuckled.
Two people before Bai Yuhan knocked on the door.
It didn’t take long for the gate to read. Qi poked his head out, blinked his big eyes and looked at Ji Yaoxue curiously.
"The auction is over. Two Taoist friends are late."
Ji Yaoxue smiled slightly. "This Taoist friend, we are not here to participate in the auction. Mr. Zeng Mo customized a very clever device here on Sunday. I am here to get this very clever device."
Read march suddenly eyes Bai Yu cold body turned a circle.
She knows that this is the Grand Commander of Bai Yaowei. Since this Chinese fir woman Bai Yuhan is traveling with her, it should be right.
"Wait a minute, two. I’ll get that extremely clever device from the public."
Read march said 1 to the door.
"hey! Hey! "
Bai Yuhan saw that Ji Yaoxue looked indifferent and didn’t visit Mo Ling. He hurriedly stopped Nianqi and gently coughed "Nianqi Daoyou, can we go in and visit Mr. Yimo together? After all, we have admired him for a long time."
"I can’t."
Read march shook his head without thinking.
After a pause, Qi looked at Bai Yuhan and asked inexplicably, "Bai Zongguan, haven’t you seen my husband?"
"I’ve seen her before." Bai Yuhan pointed to Jiyaoxue next to her.
"That won’t do either."
Read march or shook his head door.
"By the way, she is Yincui gorge of the Zhou Dynasty. Hello …" Bai Yuhan hurriedly shouted again, and I don’t know if she heard it.
Ji Yaoxue couldn’t help laughing. "Sister Bai, stop yelling. People ignore you. I’m afraid you’re not ashamed."
Bai Yu cold pie mouth way "see see what’s the big deal"
After a while, the door to play miss qi flicker out and looked at Ji Yaoxue eyes some curious.
"Where’s the horcrux? We’ll take it and go."
Bai Yu cold was read march refused twice in a row some aren’t in my heart.
Nian Qi said, "Lingqi is in the hands of my family."
Bai Yuhan frowned and asked, "What did you do just now?"
Nianqi leaned down slightly to make an invitation gesture and smiled and said, "Two public please."
Ji Yaoxue and Bai Yuhan all leng one.
It is impossible for them to see Mr. Mo at the original root, but now they have such a reversal.
Mr. Mo’s mind is really unpredictable.
Ji Yaoxue is calm and calm.
It doesn’t matter to her whether she sees it or not.
Bai Yuhan Zhan Yan smiled and pulled up Ji Yaoxue’s wrist and urged, "Let’s go. It’s a rare opportunity!"
Nian Qi led them into the most mysterious house in the famous King Zhou City.
The houses in the courtyard are scattered, the courtyard is clean and concise, the lawn is neatly mowed, and there is a stone table, several stone benches and other things not far away.
On the bank of Jishui River, a big black dog covered with scales seems to close his eyes and take a nap.
"Please sit down, two."
Read March will bring two people to the stone table and see that the desktop has made a pot of fragrant tea, which is steaming with mist.
Ji Yaoxue sat and read Qi in accordance with the words, and each poured a cup of tea.
See read march this sample Bai Yuhan pour some uneasy.
Nianqi is a maid on the surface, but there are not many monks who can serve tea and pour water in the King City of Zhou Dynasty.
"Sister Yao Xue really is you!"
Just then a scream came from not far away.
Jiyaoxue turned to see Su Xiao Ning running over with a happy face.
"Small setting how do you this …"
Ji Yaoxue was stuck.
At this time, another sound was as warm as jade.
"Miss Ji, don’t get sick."
Chapter two hundred and ninety You are Mr. Mo?
Ji Yaoxue’s charming body trembled and turned to look.
Not far away, a handsome monk came pacing, blue and long-sleeved clothes fluttering, clear eyes and a faint smile on his mouth.