In the eyes of Lu Chenwu, he judged that the comprehensive attributes of the cruel man emperor have been Ye Fan, and it seems obvious that the road of the cruel man emperor is coming to an end. This unity is an important step towards the world of mortals.

At this time, all the coffin bodies in the ancient forbidden area were Hwa-Sung Do, and the fly ash, spirit, spirit and light merged into one. The ancient forbidden area in the wilderness of Beidou was like a true fairy arrival!
Where the center spreads to the universe
In the end, even the heaven swallowed the monty jar and was summoned to go, and then it was blown to the marrow, and the Yuan soul did not melt into her body.
Ye Fan also woke up with a start. It was just a step, and he went to the immortal mountain because he was worried that his heart was very fond of the little darling and the female emperor. I wonder if there will be any changes.
The female emperor’s strong imagination shocked the whole universe, and people exclaimed and recalled that it seemed that there was another female emperor who first set a long life record besides Emperor Wudi, the cruel emperor!
"Brother …"
The little darling was held by Ye Fan in the past and also clung to Ye Fan’s skirts.
The Beidou female emperor took a step and came to the feathering ancient star. The feathering emperor was so frightened that he dared not say a word.
Although the feathered emperor knew that there were Emperor Wu and Emperor Tian in this world, even if he was born, he would rule the heavens by law, but he could not hold back, even if he was not born in the Holy Spirit, he would be exhausted, and he had to fight against the sky to continue his glory.
Besides, the feathered emperor thinks he is just an "ancient man" and has nothing to do with Ye Fan Liu Chen. Those two verve should not find trouble for themselves.
But just as soon as he was born, a cruel man from the world killed him, and when he became emperor again, he became emperor again. In an instant, Emperor Bai Wudi was invincible, because like this one in front of him, he could hardly be regarded as a strong man in the realm!
It’s funny that he is a generation of emperors, but he feels that the female hand in front of him is an ant, and the other person can be destroyed with a snap of his fingers.
"I know it’s the feathering god who killed the female emperor’s brother that year. She is going to settle …"
Ye Fan suddenly Lu Chen side murmured.
To Ye Fan’s surprise, the cruel emperor emerged from the ancient star for a long time and turned away instead of making moves.
"Female emperor, did you see this …?"
Ye Fan sighed, the dead passed away, and he couldn’t come back after all.
The feathered emperor probably didn’t even know that the child who had died would be the brother of the cruel emperor. How could he know the little part of the plan when he was in the throne?
He was afraid, but he didn’t know where he provoked such a furious female emperor. He didn’t push the performance until the female emperor turned around. After some guesses, he was even more frightened.
"Master, do you want me to get his holy spirit body for you?"
Wang Bo said that he had heard the master say that he had met a strange person in a strange world who needed the body of the Holy Spirit to move freely.
But in general, Lu Chen, the holy spirit, can’t be regarded as a success. The holy spirit is even less. In the past 300,000 years, the feathered emperor was born.
Liu Chen waved his hand. "We won’t interfere until the person who is most qualified to take his life has made moves."
I’m afraid the feathered emperor will be scared if this happens. He’s become an emperor, but he won’t talk about being the only one in the world for nine days. But how can these people be as weak as ordinary prey?
"Then spare his life. He’d better be honest."
Wang Bo light way away to the fact that if he wants to kill the feathered emperor, it is also a move.
The feathering emperor did not dare to go out after feathering the ancient star, because he just felt that there was also a flash of murder from the Emperor Wudi Palace in the distance, which made him feel frightened.
Emperor Yu’s heart collapsed and he said, Who did I provoke? Why did the Emperor Wudi’s Palace want to kill me?
Soon after, the female emperor came to Emperor Wudi’s palace, and naturally it was already a dramatic shock, because it was the first time that she walked and cruised after a lapse of time. Why not make people tremble?
Many people think that the female emperor is a myth, and there are some words in historical records that have been shot in the dark turmoil but disappeared again.
Nowadays, many people have seen the charm of the female emperor. I am afraid that it has been more than 600,000 years since the female emperor lived, definitely earlier than Emperor Wu and Emperor Tian Qi!
Lu Chen and Ye Fan greeted them personally, but the female emperor Wu Di didn’t come in outside the palace.
When the little darling exclaimed, it turned into a light and melted into the eyebrows of the female emperor, so the universe shook as if it could not bear such coercion.
Lu Chen’s micro-motion seems that the female emperor is almost successful. Everyone takes the road of mortals and immortals. Different female emperors are suspected to be very talented. Her road cannot be copied and imitated.
Wang Bo didn’t let Lu Chen and Ye Fan work hard to stabilize the quartet, and the female emperor soon calmed down. At this moment, her eyes were no longer confused but as deep as stars
After the little darling returned to her place, she seemed to be completely awake and truly complete.
The female emperor’s eyes paused slightly for a moment and then moved to Ye Fan’s beautiful eyes for a long time.