Fujimoto’s figure flashed away from the shield ge once and roared at the sky at the same time.

"Ga ga ga! You can’t even fight head-on. How dare you be crazy here? Don’t talk about you, even if the king is reborn, it can’t be the opponent of the king’s current state! " Mr. Dunge grinned.
Fujimori and other people are silent and no longer pick him up. Some people don’t fight against Aodun Ge head-on, but they tremble and their mana consumption is minimized.
Nine babies are holding a gorgeous robe and sword with gnawing teeth, and there is a white horse practicing black python everywhere.
Of course, this level of mouth can’t cause any substantial damage to python, but it will recover in a flash.
The shield ge body suddenly a flash huge body towards nine baby swept over.
Nine Babies dare not confront the talent avatar teleportation.
Shua shua shua!
Dodge and dodge several times in succession, almost sticking to the python’s body to escape into the distance.
Just when Nine Babies were safely hiding from this attack, they suddenly changed suddenly.
A black horse suddenly rolled out from the python and went straight to Jiuying.
"Look out!"
Fujimori is powerful in knowledge, controls the whole battlefield situation, and finds the situation first.
Chapter six hundred and forty-five Fluctuations
That black horse practiced very fast, and Fujimori’s voice just fell and flashed and wrapped up the nine babies.
This black horse is a part of the curtain. The nine babies are wrapped in it. If they struggle, they can’t break free, but they are propping up big bags as if something is crawling inside.
Tenglin evaded an attack by Aodun Ge and immediately fled in the direction of Jiuying.
"Ha ha ha late!"
Sharp smile, Labu’s teeth show his shape, his hands stretch forward, and a pair of small hands suddenly soar and become huge, compared with shooting directly at Fujimori.
"Go to hell!"
At this time of rattan forest, there is no room for retreat, and the roots can be directly cut down with a huge axe.
Barbarian king axe’s great strength, an axe blade falling from the sky, directly transformed Labu’s teeth into that huge palm and chopped it to pieces.
However, this cross-strike rattan forest shape has also been blocked
Taking advantage of this opportunity, Labuya has already flickered and retreated, and the black bag wrapped in nine babies will go to the huge python body incarnated by Aodun Ge not far away.
Seeing that the distance is very close, once you escape into the middle nine babies, there is no chance to get out.
Just then there was a violent energy fluctuation in the big black bag.
"Not good!"
Labuya was surprised, his figure flashed, and he threw the black bag next to him and plunged into the body of the giant python.
As soon as he avoided the instant, he saw that the black bag had exploded.
The violent shock wave from the outside instantly tore the black bag.
Nine babies blew themselves up!
"Damn it!"
Fujimori clenched his fist and his eyes were full of anger.
Nine babies have nine lives, and this explosion will not fall away, but it is naturally uncomfortable to watch their companions being forced to explode.
For Jiuying, losing a life this time is also a very serious loss.
Nine Babies is a nine-tailed fox, which can be reborn by dropping blood. At the same time, nine Babies will hide a few drops of life and blood in heaven and earth.
After the fall of the body, one of those drops of life and blood will wake up and reshape the body, and the nine babies will be reborn.
The aftermath of the explosion has not yet cleared, and Fujimori has rushed in.
Beep, beep, beep
Body flashing visible cracks around the body flashing dazzling light.
The vine forest with strong tearing force is completely dependent on their gods’ knowledge, and they try their best to help them find it in this explosion wave.
"hmm? There it is! "
Fujimori said with a huge figure and a huge palm.
Although the rattan forest supported by the method of heaven and earth is big, it can’t be compared with the giant python transformed by Aodun Ge with the help of the screen, but it is also very wide to fish across.
Huge palm directly from the cracks in the road to grab a few small black spots.
Those "little black spots" are not small, including gnawing teeth and nine baby treasures, but rattan forest is too big to be a little small.
Fujimori was relieved.
"If you can’t protect Jiuying, at least you should get his treasures back. Jiuying’s body can be reborn. Without these treasures, his combat effectiveness will be greatly reduced!"