"That’s right!" Bryant also echoed, "If you just listen to the previous song, it’s really exciting, but it’s repeated time and again that he has an epiphany and then he can’t finish it. The root of this song is to fool us. She never thought she could win Kahn."

"Damn it!" After listening to the two people saying that they were so convinced, even Frank believed in a punch and hammered the table angrily and said, "Chinese people are so treacherous. They not only steal our games, but also dream of this inferior song to perfunctory us. We will never be with a Chinese again!"
"So this song … what should we do? Should we put it online?" After listening to Frank’s words, everyone nodded with satisfaction, but everyone still faces the most realistic problem, that is, what to do with this song.
After all, this matter is not in the United States, China and many people who eat melons in other countries also note that since they have received the song, they can’t listen to it by themselves, even if they have to let others judge it.
"Don’t worry!" But Frank waved his hand and said, "Since this guy is not afraid of making a fool of himself, we will completely satisfy him and make him make a big fool of himself!" When we get Kahn, we will release these two songs together. When we come, with Kahn’s music as a comparison, everyone can hear the gap between them. "
"Yes!" Others also agreed, "Since that Chinese wants to play us, we won’t leave him a face, just let his music be released together with Kahn’s music, and then everyone can naturally tell who is good and who is bad!"
Chapter four hundred and ninety The knife is not sharp Matthew thin
Because of the storm game, this group of music idiots had a little thought, even Wu Liang didn’t expect that he had never had a line after being handed over to the storm.
Wu Liang also played the storm game to show fairness, so it was meaningless to let it out together after Kahn handed it over.
But Kahn has "secretly" got some news over there.
Wu Liang has already sent it, but the storm people are very dissatisfied. They are preparing to attack the Chinese who steals and plays tricks on themselves!
Ha ha! Kahn was so happy that the Chinese probably never thought that he would be despised by several gamers, did he?
Hum, fortunately, this guy used to be a drag, saying that he wanted music to talk, but he was judged as "cheating". What are you fighting with me for?
Kahn’s reason is that he has no clue these two days, and he is still a little anxious, especially when he hears that Wu Liang has actually finished it. He has sent everything to Storm Games, and he is particularly anxious for fear that he will fall behind.
But now when I heard the news from the reporter, he was in a good mood. He was in a good mood. His waist was sore and his legs didn’t hurt. He was tired on the fifth floor!
Especially when he was in a good mood, the inspiration seemed to come back. Kahn watched the CG animation played repeatedly in his mind, and suddenly a flash of light and a note came to his mind.
Inspiration is like urine collapse. I can’t hold it back!
In just one day, Kahn also finished his work.
Of course, you have to take it out and pretend to be forced after you finish it. No, of course, you have to take it out for others to appreciate. Otherwise, wouldn’t it be like a night trip in brocade that makes people underestimate themselves?
So this time, without a reporter, Kahn himself strolled around and personally delivered it to Storm Games Company.
After all, Storm Game said that if they watch this music, they will play back/scene music, but they have to sign up to buy it.
According to Kahn’s idea, it’s best for Storm Games to take a fancy to him directly, and then the two sides make a decision on the spot to make a deal, and then he exposes the deal contract to the media so that the Chinese can be severely slapped in the face!
Hum, who told you not to treat the Academy Award-winning master as a dish? No, who told you to treat the Academy Award-winning master as a dish? No, it doesn’t seem right to be a dish, mom. How do you say this?
Several senior executives are also very excited to see Kahn personally play the storm game. After all, this is also a "big coffee" who once won the Golden Award. He should also be regarded as a figure in the American film and television circle.
It’s enough that such a big man personally delivered the song to the door to show his sincerity. Compared with him, that Chinese has no manners at all!
What’s more, the most abominable thing is that Chinese people still cheat their feelings with such rubbish songs. Damn it!
Several storm game executives personally received Kahn, which was enough for him, especially after listening to him. After listening to him, several people praised him. If Kahn nodded, they could make a decision to buy this song at any time!
This treatment made Kahn very uncomfortable, especially when those people heard that he was all wet (yeah, I know that you will think about it again. What are your eyes thinking? ) He is more satisfied.
"Then how do you think this song compares with that Chinese?" Although Kahn had already seen the results from several high-level faces of Storm Games, he was still vain and asked 1.
"That said? You are a master. What is that Chinese? " At the second meeting, the middle-aged man said in a contemptuous tone, "Compared with you, his songs are just like a pile of shit. It’s cheaper than shit. He should say it’s a pile of organic compounds!"
This middle-aged man is probably a Kahn fan who almost wanted to say "I grew up listening to your music" from his tone.
This compliment certainly made Kahn feel very comfortable. On a whim, he suddenly asked, "What about that Chinese? Are you going to put it on the net?"
"Of course!" The middle-aged man replied without hesitation, "such a bad song should be put on the net for everyone to see. We must let everyone know how ugly the Chinese face is and how bad his level is. Compared with the master, he is simply vulnerable!"
"Ha ha ha!" Kahn laughed at the sky and said with great care, "Yes! This is the way to make people realize that they are shallow, that their knives are not sharp, and that Matthew is thin. What do you want to fight with me? "
After speaking, he suddenly had an idea and asked, "Can I listen to that Chinese now?"
"Of course, no problem," said the middle-aged man patting his chest. "Master Kahn, you will transfer the Chinese to you as soon as I am ready."
Then he turned his head and pulled on the screen.
After dozens of seconds, he transferred Wu Liang’s songs from his mind and then clicked Play.
Kahn was startled by the powerful music, and a layer of surprise quickly appeared in his eyes.
Is this song actually evaluated as "organic compound material" by several senior executives of Storm Games? No way, am I hearing voices or are they deaf? That’s it. What am I kidding?
Kahn’s face turned red and white, and it became a little rain or shine.
No matter how proud he is, after all, he has won an Academy Award. Of course he can tell who is taller and who is lower in two pieces of music.
In fact, when he heard the first paragraph of Wu Liang’s score, he knew he had lost.
So magnificent, so magnificent, a song. What does he fight with others?
Although his song is also called his own pride, it can be said to be the most inspiring one in the past two years, but it is still not enough to watch compared with he dawn.
The momentum alone is a big difference, okay?
At that time, Kahn was stunned and looked at the high-level eyes of Storm Game with a few strange wires.
After a song, Kahn stared at the middle-aged man stupidly and asked, "Is this the Chinese?"