If you can’t run the soul lamp, budo Zun doesn’t intend to re-enter A-bi’s hell for the time being.

After all, it is the core of A Bi Hell, and even if there is a town prison, I don’t know much about it.
No one knows what secrets are hidden in Abi Earth Prison.
Explore the sixteen small hells first, and if you can repair them, you can further control the soul lamp and re-enter the big hell of A-bi.
Yunzhu saw Su Mo saying so, and she couldn’t say much.
Is her heart to Sue ink this moyu wild wu is still some confusion.
Wu Daozun said, "My strength is limited. Even if the prison in Keli Town hits a node in Abi Hell, I can’t send you too far away."
This is the so-called to be able to send Su Mo to the array near A Bi Hell, and all three of them can send it back.
Wu Daozun offered a sacrifice to the town prison tripod to open a node to expose a tunnel leading to the outside of hell.
"Don’t you want us to leave together?"
Ink pour silence for a long time just looked up and looked at the budo light asked.
Wudaozun shook his head slightly.
He has a town prison, and even in Abi’s hell, there is nothing dangerous. Don’t worry about leaving.
I’m going to follow him to moyu, and I won’t leave for the time being
Su Mo and Yunzhu have walked to the side of the tunnel, and the ink is still in the same place. They slightly hang their heads and don’t know what they are thinking, like they are in a daze.
Sue ink some confused call a.
It’s still quiet if you don’t smell the ink.
On second thought, Su Mo gradually whispered, "Elder martial sister Mo Qing is obsessed with painting all the year round, and her experience must have had a big impact on her these days."
Yunzhu Gherardini gave Su Mo a white look, turned to look at Mo Qing, and gently woke up and said, "Sister Mo Qing is gone!"
Ink like a dream wake up look a little flustered looked up and looked at budo statue and hurriedly looked back and turned to Sue ink two people.
Yunzhu smiled and gently grabbed Moqing’s little hand and said to Wu Daozun, "You have saved me this time, so I don’t have to say thank you for your kindness. We are destined to see you again."
Wu Daozun nodded slightly and the silver mask could not see the expression.
It’s not that he is indifferent, it’s that Xianyun Bamboo is too clever. If you talk too much, it’s hard to show any flaws.
Wu Daozun suddenly thought of one thing, saying, "I hope the two Taoist friends will stay out of the secret of Abi Hell and my affairs."
"I won’t say."
Ink immediately said, "I swear I will never reveal a word."
Yunzhu leng one also then vowed never to.
She didn’t say it for the first time because of the shortage of weapons. This sentence sounds strange to her.
They are three people together, and this sentence is also said to the three of them, but in the wild words, they say’ two Taoist friends’
It is natural to exclude Su Mo from this sentence, which can of course explain the deep friendship and mutual trust between the two.
But Yunzhu vaguely felt that there seemed to be something else in it.
She didn’t think too much, so Su Mo and Mo Qing entered the tunnel and left A Bi hell.
It wasn’t long before the Shura Temple cracked a crack and Su Mo three people fell from the inside.
Yunzhu poison wound is not healed, and the ink falls around Yunzhu’s slim waist and lands smoothly.
A-bi’s hell is full of gloom and gloom, and it is possible to encounter danger at any time and place.
From A Bi Hell, all three people have a sense of rediscovery and relief.
Su Mo took a deep breath and a steady stream of vitality surged toward the other body like essence!
It’s like a long drought, when manna meets violet, it really absorbs and plunders the vitality of heaven and earth and nourishes flesh and blood, bones and muscles, and Yuan Shen.
Su Mo’s second-order fairy peak lingered for many years. Although there were a lot of cultivation resources, she finally broke through the bottleneck.
This trip to hell not only rescued Wu Daozun, but also got treasures such as worrying about fruits and trunks, as well as Ananda’s understanding of the two major Buddhist dharma seals.
Everything comes naturally, and the vitality of heaven and earth keeps pouring into the body to form a torrent, which will directly break through the barriers!
Su Mo’s breath rose sharply, and after a few breaths, he made a breakthrough and stepped into Tianyuan’s triple territory!
He Yuan Shen has also reached the five peaks of Tianyuan!
Long Huang and Qing Lian, the two great yuan gods, merged and cultivated this forbidden secret book. The realm of his yuan god eventually surpassed his own to cultivate two small realms.
Now practicing the complete Prajna Nirvana Sutra makes Sumo Yuanshen more concise.
It is very promising to continue to practice. Tianyuan has surpassed its three small realms!
After Su Mo’s breakthrough, he directly scattered around the gods to search and explore.
After a little, he was slightly disappointed when he gathered his knowledge.
He didn’t see the king of Yuanzuo County.
On this side of the Great Jinxian Kingdom, the true fairy of Jingyue entered Abi Hell, and the king of Yuanzuo County didn’t follow.
Suo Su Mo was thinking about the possibility that the king of Yuanzuo County might still be nearby.
Now it seems that the king of Yuanzuo County may have had a premonition that something was wrong and had fled here.
Yunzhu smiled.
Su Mo also smiled and asked Yunzhu’s feet, "How are you hurt?"