Some people frantically linked the bridge to confirm the situation, while others realized that it was not good to find a way to break the channel and save themselves, while three mithril knights connected to the regional network and scattered around to guide the rest of the sea clan to break one by one.

Check the situation of warships to confirm that the remaining people can’t afford to turn over the big waves. Yun Nie closed his eyes.
The digestion plan needs to continue when it is necessary to obtain huge information from the host …
In the distant universe, the virtual central plains quietly waited for the sea wolf to suddenly accelerate its voyage with great power of tail flame …
Just after the battle of the Navy Battleship, while the battle of the Feather Battleship was in the garbage.
At the moment, hundreds of thousands of kilometers around the feather warships have been covered with steel wreckage.
"whoosh!" The edge of the saucer-shaped warship shoots a red beam along the tangent line and accurately hits a "little bee". There is no suspense. The sample fighter immediately explodes into a ball of fireworks and becomes a member of the steel wreckage.
Feather warships are quite dense in firepower, and there are more than a dozen sub-guns firing fighters every moment. If the fighters are to be wiped, there will be no injuries and the situation will become too rubbish.
Less than a minute after the war, there were more than three fighter planes hovering around the feather warships like bees.
Yes, it can be regarded as harassment. Although occasionally one or two fighters find an opportunity to dodge the other side’s fire power and attack at a close distance, it will have no effect except to reduce the strength of the other side’s shield by 1%.
Seems to be completely resigned to their own attack power. At the moment, there are hundreds of fighters left who are too lazy to attack. Feather warships are flying around relying on the only commendable speed and maneuverability to act as moving targets for each other …
Feather Ranger
Everyone looked at the "fierce" battle scenes outside with some twitching corners of their mouths …
Even the shield has no short range, which is terrible. Even sharp-eyed people can find several fighter planes flying, smoking and lying on their nests …
This kind of fighting capacity … How dare you call it a fighter? !
"Hum! Sure enough, what is the current situation of a group of cannon fodder sea warships and Ante imperial warships! " Feather captain sneer at a ask a way
Everything is developing as he wants, er … Of course, he must admit that such a weak fighter is still a little beyond his expectation …
"Friend ship milli dynamic communication still didn’t respond to the other just ant imperial warships accelerated! The goal is … the ship! " The deputy reported
"hey! Is the target really us? Speed up sailing to the wormhole at once! Auxiliary artillery power, kill these fighters as soon as possible! At the same time, closely observe the movements of sea warships! "
A moment later, the captain of the plume family seemed to think of something. He turned to look at the position of his own mecha unit in the map. "In addition, let our mecha unit return to the ship quickly and be alert at the same time. If there is any change in the marine mecha unit, fire back immediately!"
"ah? !” Deputy leng leng enemy at present instead of alert friendly mecha units?
Then he reacted. If he still can’t see that his captain is suspicious of friendly forces, then he really owes his IQ.
But he can’t understand why his captain would have such an idea because the Antoine Imperial battleship looks like a sea warship.
Ignored the deputy puzzled feather captain bowed their heads and meditated.
If the other side wants to launch a plan against itself, then it will never let its own mecha troops Huiyuan, and when attacking, it will be an opportunity to choose these harassing fighters. Before they are completely eliminated, they should take action opposite the chaotic place …
As far as he guessed that the other side would take offensive measures.
"Captain! The friendly ship is moving! It … it is accelerating towards us! " The deputy exclaimed.
Has the feather captain raised his eyebrows?
He was just about to get the order, but then …
"drop! Alert! Alert! The system was attacked by unknown data. The first firewall was broken and the second firewall was under attack … "Suddenly, the ship lit up bright red warnings and harsh alarms everywhere.
Everyone stared in amazement at the sudden scene in front of them. I don’t know what happened. Of course … except one person!
"Sure enough, there is rape!" Feather captain sneer at heart at the same time without trace swept the eye bridge all people.
There is no external network at the root of the ship’s main engine. The control system of the warship that wants to attack can pass through the data interface! Attack … From the Ministry!
Well, from this point of view, Captain Yu’s guess is quite correct …